The Supervizr Platform

Ursaleo + Connect Up Technologies = Supervizr

Supervizr gives users the power to visualize construction project management from start to finish as well as conduct workforce optimization, building management, and asset supervision. Key features include:


Digital Twin

Digital Twin Creation

Supervizr’s cloud-based digital twin platform, powered by UrsaLeo, enables companies to do more with data for any construction project and building/asset management needs. Our team takes existing 2D and 3D architectural files, converts to the format needed and then adds color and texture to produce a digital twin. Our twins can be viewed on any device from laptops to smartphones allowing them to be used anytime and anywhere.

The models are combined with real time sensor data, historical data, data sheets, maintenance records and more to create a complete ‘digital control center’ for construction project owners, architects, and contractors. All data and models are hosted in the cloud making them ideal for online collaboration, remote control, training, and document management.


Remote Collaboration and Project Evolution Visualization

Remote Collaboration and Project Evolution Visualization

Collaboration is built into the product allowing for remote management of the technology and 3D visualizations of project evolution. Remote collaboration allows on-site project supervisors to digitally interact with owners and architects to help visualize how a project is evolving which reduces the need for on-site visits.



Environmental Monitoring

While every construction project or building management need is different, the Supervizr platform combines 3D models with real time environmental sensors. These sensors collect data on everything from particulate matter and humidity to temperature, air quality, harmful gasses and more.



Technology Integration

Integrations are already available for many common IoT platforms, asset management systems, and ERP and accounting technologies. Supervizr also supports the latest technology in wearables and AR to help drive down project management costs and improve safety.



Workplace Safety

Keeping employees safe at all times is not only of the utmost importance, it is also an OSHA requirement and can help to drive down incident rates and insurance costs. Our partners at Connect Up provide devices that are pre-loaded with innovative software that can sense and track safety incidents. This feature not only keeps a record of incidents such as falls or exposure to hazardous materials, it can also alert employees and project management when an event has occurred in real-time. Geofencing can also be configured for areas of a job site that are off limits and alert an employee when they are getting close to that area.


Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization

One of the biggest challenges faced in the field is keeping track of and accounting for the time that both full-time employees and subcontractors are spending on various tasks. The ShareInTech App, developed in conjunction with Connect Up, makes time tracking easy and efficient. No more weekly paperwork for your trusted employees and project management. Our system keeps track of time spent on specific work projects and can be configured for specific jobs and tasks. Employees can alert the system when they are taking a break and geofencing can also be used to configure job location parameters.


Building Information

Building Information Management

Once a digital twin has been created, building owners and managers can integrate UrsaLeo’s 3D model with IoT sensors that deliver real-time data to the cloud to get a better picture, in one dashboard, of what is happening within a facility. Whether its temperature and humidity in a room or piece of equipment or monitoring the condition of an HVAC system to triage potential outages, our solution allows users to remotely collaborate and solve for potential issues before they happen.

UrsaLeo’s advanced technology is capable of integrating with all types of sensing devices and platforms to help build out a robust building management system. And with data being collected and stored in the cloud, analysis for optimization and triage is easy to conduct directly on the system dashboard.



Asset Management

From large pieces of equipment to smaller items, asset management is vital to ensuring that your capital investments are easy to locate and don’t disappear. Our system tracks the GPS location of any asset in real time so it is easy to find.



Fleet Management

Efficient fleet management is crucial for ensuring that all capital investments are well taken care of. The Supervizr platform is offers multiple fleet management options including:

  • Time Fencing - Alerts management if a vehicle is driven or work is being done outside of predetermined hours.
  • Geo Fencing - Triggers an action when a device enters/exits a set location.
  • Speed Fencing - Sends a notification if a predetermined speed threshold is broken.
  • Network Fencing - provides the ability to deploy services to isolated networks where IP and MAC address conflicts are not possible, called fenced networks. (We can have Steve elaborate on this one)
  • Egres or Exit - when either entering or exiting any of the conditions for location speed time or network type applications and functions of the phone can be changed.



Document Management

After construction is complete or an asset has been updated, users can retrieve documentation such as equipment datasheets, maintenance records, installation and configuration data, etc. with the click of a mouse. The 3D model provides documentation for any given problem and updates records after the issue has been resolved, on-site, through your chosen device.